TL;DR: install this module and script in one command with pip:

pip install ansicolortags


The project is entirely written in pure Python, supporting both version 2 (2.7+) and version 3 (3.1+). It has no dependencies except a Python interpreter! For more details about the Python language, see its official website.

How to install it ?

There is three different ways:

1. Directly, with pip

The preferred way is to install ansicolortags directly with pip (what is pip?):

$ pip install ansicolortags

On GNU/Linux, it might be necessary to give it sudo rights:

$ sudo pip install ansicolortags

If you have both Python 2 and 3, and if you want to use the module from both, be sure to install it with both pip2 and pip3 :

$ sudo pip2 install ansicolortags  # For Python 2 (v2.7+)
$ sudo pip3 install ansicolortags  # For Pythoh 3 (v3.1+)

2. Download, extract, and use

Or you can also follow these 4 steps:

  1. download the file ansicolortags.tar.gz from Bitbucket, or from PyPi (if needed, it is signed numerically with my PGP key);

  2. extract it (with tar xzfv, or a graphical solution, like File Roller);

  3. then go in the subdirectory (cd ansicolortags-0.4/);

  4. and finally install it with Python distutils tool:

    $ python install

    Or maybe with sudo rights, if the first try did not work :

    $ sudo python install
For more information, run python help or python install help.

3. Without installing it

Note that installation is not mandatory : a third solution is to simply include JUST the file, and embed it in your own projects. The project can be used without installing anything elsewhere.